Pool inspector registration requirements

Any person undertaking pool barrier inspections must meet all the registration requirements in order to be listed on our public register of independently qualified pool inspectors.


To register as a new independently qualified pool inspector (pool inspector) you — or your workers — must:

  • Be 18 years of age or over.
  • Have work experience in pool inspection and/or other compliance inspection, or have completed relevant and recognised training.
  • Not be an undischarged bankrupt.
  • Not be prohibited from being a director, or being concerned or taking part in the management of a business.
  • Not have been convicted of an offence under the Building Act or another relevant Act.
  • Pay the application fee of $345 (incl. GST).

You must also agree to:

  • Have your competency assessed by us.
  • Provide us with records of pool barrier inspections you undertake while registered as a pool inspector, as required.
  • Attend any training we require you to undertake while registered as a pool inspector.
  • Notify us within 10 working days if your:
    • circumstances change and you no longer meet the requirements for registration, or
    • contact details change.

Along with the completed application form, you must:

  • Provide two relevant work-related references.
  • Supply a Ministry of Justice criminal record check.
  • Have your application form certified by a Justice of the Peace.

Registering as a pool inspector

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We reserve the right to change the acceptance criteria at any time. A 3 month transitional period will be allowed for after notice of any change.

If you don't meet the requirements

If you don't meet one or more of the registration requirements you must explain why, if you still wish to apply to be an independently qualified pool inspector.