Registering as a pool inspector

The process you go through to apply to register as an independently qualified pool inspector is outlined below. Choose whether you want to apply as an individual or a company.

Registration process

To register as an independently qualified pool inspector (pool inspector) with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), follow these steps.

Step 1

Apply to the Ministry of Justice for a copy of your criminal record. This may take up to 20 working days. If you already have a copy of your criminal record that's dated no earlier than 6 months before your application, you can use this.

Ministry of Justice website — Get your own criminal record(external link)

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Any criminal criminal convictions that you have will be taken into consideration, and may result in your application being refused — unless they’re eligible to be “clean slated” under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act.

Ministry of Justice website — Clean slate scheme(external link)

Step 2

Fill out the pool inspector application form relevant to your application.

Individual application form

Use this form if you're an individual wishing to carry out pool barrier inspections.

Individual Application Form – Pool Inspector Public Register [DOCX, 170 KB]

Company application form

Use this form if your company wishes to have workers carry out pool barrier inspections.

Company Application Form – Pool Inspector Public Register [DOCX, 200 KB]

Work experience

List all your work experience in pool inspection, or other compliance inspection, in as much detail as possible on the form, including the:

  • dates you worked
  • positions you held
  • businesses you worked for and their location
  • range of work and responsibilities you performed.

All work experience must be verifiable.


Provide 2 written relevant work-related references. The details these should include are listed on the application form.

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We may obtain information held about you by any person in connection with assessing your performance as a pool inspector.


List all relevant training in pool inspection — or other compliance inspection — in as much detail as possible on the form, including:

  • the training provider and the name of the course
  • a description of the training
  • the dates you completed the training
  • qualifications you have gained
  • any relevant professional association memberships you hold.

All training and qualifications must be verifiable.

Examples of inspections

Pool inspectors are required to document reasons for decisions relating to any inspections they carry out. If possible, provide details of 2 inspections you have completed within the past 24 months. Include copies of your records relating to these inspections, if these are available.

Include the following information:

  • date of inspection
  • inspection type
  • regime or legislation relating to the inspection
  • location and activities completed during the inspection and the inspection outcome
  • business processes used to report and file the inspection.

Step 3

Have your completed application form certified by a Justice of the Peace, or other person authorised under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957.

Find a Justice of the Peace — Royal Federation of NZ Justices' Associations Te Kāhui Pou Whakatau Ture o Aotearoa(external link)

Step 4

Email or post us your completed application form, copy of criminal records check, and all other relevant documents.

Contact us

Step 5

When we receive your completed application, we’ll invoice you for the registration application fee of $345 (incl GST).

Follow the instructions on the invoice to ensure payment is received. It can take up to 10 working days for us to process your payment. We’ll start assessing your application once we’ve received payment in full.

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We can’t refund this fee if your application is unsuccessful.

Step 6

Once we’ve received your payment we'll assess your application and contact you to arrange any necessary competency assessments.

We’ll check your:

  • knowledge of the relevant legislation, in particular sections:
    • 162c, 162d and 450b of the Building Act 2004
    • B2 and F9 of the Building Code
  • ability to:
    • perform pool barrier inspections and assess compliance against the legislative requirements
    • document and record all the findings during a pool barrier inspection
    • prepare and record certificates of pool barrier inspection
    • interact appropriately with pool owners and territorial authorities.

Assessments, where necessary, will take the form of:

  • in-person observations
  • written papers.

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Processing and assessing your application (by the Pool Inspector Registrar) may take up to 30 working days.

What happens next

If your application for registration is successful:

  • your application will be approved, and
  • your name, phone number and email address will be added to the public register of independently qualified pool inspectors on this website. You must notify us if your contact details change.

If your application isn't successful, we’ll let you know why within 10 working days from when the decision was made. You can appeal this decision.

See Appealing out decisions for more information on appeals.