Making a complaint

You can complain about a person who is a current or former independently qualified pool inspector. Complaints may lead to a pool inspector being disciplined.

What you can complain about

You can make a complaint if you have engaged an independently qualified pool inspector (pool inspector) and:

  • you're not happy with:
    • the competency or quality of their work
    • their conduct
  • you feel that:
    • they’ve breached their code of conduct
    • there’s a conflict of interest — for example, if they suggest undertaking and charging for remedial work arising out of their inspection.

Information about the code of conduct and conflicts of interest is located in the Pool inspectors' area of the site.

Pool inspector responsibilities

You can also make a complaint about an inspector who you believe isn't registered and who is also not from your local council. You can find out if pool inspectors are registered by checking our public register.

Searching the pool inspector register

Form to use

Send us your complaint using the form below.

Pool inspector complaint form for pool owners [DOCX, 74 KB]

Our email address is:

What you can’t complain about

We can’t consider complaints about payment or contractual disputes. We also can't provide remedy or redress for pool owners in relation to a pool inspector’s misconduct or quality of work. The Disputes Tribunal may be able to assist with these matters.

Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand(external link)